Saturday, March 12, 2011

Advice from recovered anorexics?

i am dealing with this disorder for 2 years i used to eat only 200 calories and my eyes looked hollow and now that i have consumed 900 for a year people have been saying i look better and hydrated how did this happen and did you ever deal with this? how much does it take to gain weight

Is Burt's Bees Natural toothpaste with flouride vegan?

Considering vegan is an opinion, some would consider it vegan (Most), whereas some more hardcore vegan persons would argue that due to the fact that they manipulate bees that it would not be vegan.

Would a girl turning 14 like a juciy couture clutch or a perfume/lotion set?

Everbody has the fragrance, but the clutch is taste specific so I would go with the fragrance. I personally love it.

Are Aveda hair products good?

shampoos, conditioners, treatments, stylers. tell me, and also which ones you used. thank you!

Best shampoo for fine thin hair for frequent use without suplhates etc?

I have very fine thin hair - I need to wash it everyday as it gets a bit greasy on the roots and you can see all my scalp through my hair which I hate! I think it may be better to use a organic shampoo that has less/no chemicals, no sulphates, no parabens etc. I was thinking something from the Aveda range - or any suggestions? Please help!


A 1.47 gram sample of a calcium chloride hydrate compound (CaCl 2 � zH2O) is heated until all the water is driven off. The sample of the anhydride compound that is left has a mass of 1.11 grams. What percentage of the calcium chloride hydrate compound is water? What is the value of z?

What product to use to get this style?(best answer 10pts!)?

Hmm. Shampoo and conditioner.Scissors.Volumizer. Blow dryer and hair straightener.